We’ve had the pleasure of developing a relationship with Tracey over many years. From family portraits while were still dating through to our engagement shoot, and now finally our wedding day. Tracey became truly invested in us; we are friends now more than anything. She truly understands and knows us and we’re completely comfortable with her as our photographer.
— Ludwig & Natalie

How long will we wait for our wedding photos? 

Typically between 3-6 weeks all depending on how busy the season.

what if we look really awkward in photos?

Most people feel this way and it is probably due to the fact that you have not yet been photographed correctly. A bad photo will leave us all feeling awkward and it doesn’t mean you will always look bad in photos. Trust us to do our job by getting it right and by helping you feel at ease. We have so many clients say they can’t believe how great they look after expecting to look really awkward.

do you supply albums? 


There is no better way to enjoy your images than to page through a gorgeously designed album to showcase your favourite highlights.

Do you travel to other destinations or venues outside of Auckland?

Yes, of course we do! We love travelling to new destinations both in New Zealand and abroad. Talk to us about your dream destination and we can work with you to help keep these costs realistic. 


Do you offer videography?

Videography is on many couple’s wish list, so we are working with friends in the industry to capture the footage and produce your highlight video. VERY EXCITING!!

If you already have a videographer in mind, we’ll shoot alongside them to get the best outcome for you. 


How long do you stay at a typical wedding?

Our most popular package covers up to 10 hours OR we can just cover the parts of your day that matter most to you. Let us know if you need a custom package designed to suit.

If you require further coverage we will quote the extra hours at an hourly rate. For extended larger weddings, such as traditional Indian weddings, we will quote according to what is required.

How would you describe your style of photography?

We love to keep things authentic and true to your day. We shoot sharp and crisp details combined with an open aperture in order to create a soft, romantic depth of field. We are very focused on shooting people to look their best and would never compromise on this. Making use of both natural light as well as off camera flash where required we strive to maintain healthy warm, well exposed skin tones. We like to capture a variety of location scenery as well as up close emotional connections and we do this by guiding you through the shoot as well as capturing the in between moments that you least expect.

As for our editing style. We believe it’s best to keep the look of the images authentic and not to edit in a style that falls within a trend too much. Trends date over time and we would hate for our clients to look back on their wedding photos in the years to come and feel that they do not reflect the day as they remember it. It is important for us to keep up to date with the latest software and editing techniques to keep things edgy and current yet our style is distinct and reflects our artistry.


would you require dinner to be served to you?

In order to perform our best we would need to fuel up towards the evening and would appreciate a warm meal to re-charge and energize. If not provided, we would need to leave the venue in order to grab something on the go.


How many photos will we receive?

It’s difficult to put an exact figure on this because every wedding is different but we usually deliver anything between 500 - 1000 for a full day’s coverage.

please explain our rights to the digital files?

You have the right to print and share your images whenever you want, wherever you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit, use them for any commercial purpose or publish your images without our written consent. If your wedding vendors are requesting some images to use for their advertising, please do not provide your files to them. Rather send them our way to supply them with what they require. We will liaise with them direct.

We insist that our images not be edited or altered in any way. This includes having any filters added to them. This overrides our artistry and defeats the whole purpose of hiring a professional photographer in the first place.


what if it rains?

This is certainly a worry for most couples and although there is never any guaranty of ideal weather, be assured that we are experienced in dealing with rainy days. Plan B’s can be put in place for shooting in sheltered areas and lighting gear is used when things get too dark.

Beautiful rainy portraits with cute umbrellas can be very effective and a lot of fun. Sometimes one just needs to brave the weather and enjoy the day fully, regardless of what the weather holds.

Trust us to make the most of it and still make it work.

We’ve heard horror stories about corrupt files / hard drives, how do you deal with this?

The files are backed up immediately. Our cameras use dual card slots so the files are written across both, in case one corrupts. After the wedding, we back up to two hard drives and on a cloud-based server. You’re well covered!!

Above and beyond our expectations, Tracey never turned off. She was always looking for opportunities to take a beautiful picture and some of the most beautiful shots weren’t planned, but spotted on the fly and captured, because she was able to quickly direct us and get the photos that she saw was possible but fleeting.
— Ludwig & Natalie

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