A bit about us.


Wedding Photography New Zealand

We, Tracey and Riaan van Deventer are a tight husband and wife photography team based in Auckland, New Zealand. Operating as two main photographers throughout your wedding day, you can trust our powerful team efforts to tell the story of your biggest life event for years to come. We’re fun and full of energy and invest a lot of time and love in what we do.

Never did we expect to enjoy capturing weddings as much as we do. Thriving on the magical journey with the amazing clients who have come our way so far, make our work an absolute dream.

With years of portrait experience, you will be posed or directed quite naturally or simply captured in the moment, perfectly candidly. We fluidly combine these two styles through our artistic visions of how you will look best. It’s the perfect combo!




“We enjoy guiding and coaching our couples along the way into ensuring that everything about the process, from planning through to the day itself is seamless, relaxed and successful. After all, it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? Your chosen wedding photographers should be a great fit so that they can make spectacular memories for you while standing by you every step of the way.

So please choose carefully who you will trust with this immense responsibility!

Enjoy the browse and when feeling inspired, simply get in touch.”